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What do you prefer in-person sales or Telephone Sales?

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What do you prefer in-person sales or Telephone Sales?..

Answer / hardeep singh sahni

I would like to prefer sales rather than telephone sale ,becoz in telephone sale there is no direct contact b/w sales person
and the customer but in person sale u met the customer and get benefitted

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What do you prefer in-person sales or Telephone Sales?..

Answer / n.madhu mithra

I would prefer both, I would first call the customer and
find out whether he is interested in our offer, if he is
choosy would try to convince him then if he is interested
would meet him in person where in the second interaction
helps us to build some rapport immediately, so from there it
would be a few steps ahead for your target, but with out
finding out whether the customer is really interested if you
meet him in person its just a waste of time.

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What do you prefer in-person sales or Telephone Sales?..

Answer / vijay kamble

i would prefer in person sales rather than telephone
sales,because through personal sales we can give the demo to
the customer and the interaction in personal sales is far
better than telephone sales.

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What do you prefer in-person sales or Telephone Sales?..

Answer / yogesh

i prefer person sale because in person sale we get the
feedback of coustomer at a time . but in telephone we cant
receive feedback at that time .so i prefer person sale.
in this process we can tell about product easly and learmt
to the coustomer

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What do you prefer in-person sales or Telephone Sales?..

Answer / mahendra makwana

I would prefer to person sales because getting a face to face conversation opportunity and getting feedback at that time so your time saved and low cost.
In telephonic sales no direct contact and face to face conversation.its costly and more time consumption.

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What do you prefer in-person sales or Telephone Sales?..

Answer / rahul

I would prefer telephome sales to in person sales , first I
will talk to prospects than I will give some knowledge of my
product and how that is goone beneficial for him .after that
I would take a appointment for demo of my products ,

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