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How to sell the Product to New Customer

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How to sell the Product to New Customer..

Answer / sourabh

I think we must make him realize that you should need to
buy this product if you are looking for something better.
We must have to create need for him and our product must be
for him.

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How to sell the Product to New Customer..

Answer / maie yazgi

By making the customer realize that this firm is the best at
producing this product, that is done by adding a value to
the product, taking into consideration that the cost should
be less than the value gained by the customer.

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How to sell the Product to New Customer..

Answer / anil

We must show him that product is useful to him and how he
will get benefit from using this product.also ensure the
correctness of price as compare to benefits of this product

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How to sell the Product to New Customer..

Answer / jonalyn

by using convincing power that the product is good for him
or her.

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How to sell the Product to New Customer..

Answer / d.k.d

We have to explain the product features into some way which
the customer realize his/her needs about the product. Then
we have to explain how could our product different from
other products available in the market and the value
proposition which customer can gain using our product.
Selling is nothing but understanding the customer need first
then transform the need to.... want..... then....sales

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How to sell the Product to New Customer..

Answer / himakar

by motivating the customer

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How to sell the Product to New Customer..

Answer / yasin

We are treating the customer by respectively and patiency
if he will be new or old customer to our.

First we have grip on that product like what's the features
of that product ,then we will be explained to the customer
and how it is useful to us.

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How to sell the Product to New Customer..

Answer / sharoo

by impressing the customer with the product we launch and
give them assurance that we would surely fullfill the
customer s requirements............

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How to sell the Product to New Customer..

Answer / m.naveed zia

First of all we anaylise the customer need that whats he
want then we present our product as a best product as
compare to available product in markete

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How to sell the Product to New Customer..

Answer / lohith k n

by knowing the customer need and with
product USP

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