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why you interested in bpo job

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why you interested in bpo job..

Answer / john kamal

nowsdays BPO is a fastest growing industy. where one can
make his career growth.. moreove im flexible which makes
suitable for me...

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why you interested in bpo job..

Answer / roy

i feel this sector is one of the most challenging and
rewarding sectors to work in because you you have to
understand people over the phone,go in depth and change
yourself on every call according to the person you are
interacting ,
and the most important part is that you directly represent
your company,so if you have that skill and enthusiasm ,then
you will really enjoy working here.

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why you interested in bpo job..

Answer / ashok kumar

i am interested in bpo job because bpo is one of the
fastest growing industry today which was not really
affected during this recession time, bpo gives an exposure
to the person related to various things like how to
behave , how to talk , how to interact with various people
around the world. how to solve various problems,
improvement in communication skill and many things which
will attract u towards this job.

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why you interested in bpo job..

Answer / sonakshi verma

Business Process Outsoucing is an indusrty which
not only pays in terms of Finacial benifit of course gives
me and oppurtunity to be a part of a team which is of
course Global Business , My Efforts have always been to be
a part of a Global business environment , thats the
reason i wish to join in a call centre.

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why you interested in bpo job..

Answer / prashant

I think in this recession scenario, its better to kick start
the career with an industry which is growing. and what
better exposure can i get from .........

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why you interested in bpo job..

Answer / dhruv

i think that its an better opportunity for freshers.

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why you interested in bpo job..

Answer / kiran kumar

business process outsourcing , which is the only field,
which can help a organization of bussines or it may any
industry, by spreading their serveces , which can help a
employee who works for it by showing his complete business
skill. One business organization can easily come up with an
outsourcing, because of its complete sense of bussiness
logic and processing logic.

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why you interested in bpo job..

Answer / deepali

i have been hearing from many days about bpo and i think
this is one place which can join me with global world and
help to build up my skills amd activities .and i can
improve myself betterly here

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why you interested in bpo job..

Answer / vikash

Freankly speaking i am a simpal graduate,and i am found bpo
is the only sector i can grow my self.bpo is the fastest
growing campany now a days.i would love to be a part of it.

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why you interested in bpo job..

Answer / arun

bpo is the great job for people who are entering job newly its suits to the youth mostly which have great energy

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