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Impetus Interview Questions
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If U have Test Cases already prepared and u have to just excute those test cases in a very short time then how will U decide which test cases has to be excuted first. Is there any technique ?

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Find out the bug in this code,because of that this code will not compile....... #include #include #include using namespace std; class balance { double cur_bal; char name[80]; public: balance(double n, char *s) { cur_bal = n; strcpy(name, s); } ~balance() { cout << "Destructing "; cout << name << "\n"; } void set(double n, char *s) { cur_bal = n; strcpy(name, s); } void get_bal(double &n, char *s) { n = cur_bal; strcpy(s, name); } }; int main() { balance *p; char s[80]; double n; int i; try { p = new balance [3]; // allocate entire array } catch (bad_alloc xa) { cout << "Allocation Failure\n"; return 1; }

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What is multiple inheritance ?

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Tell us about yourself.

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Tell me one Reason to reject you?

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What is difference between JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and CLR (Common language Runtime) ?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Descriptive programing and Object repository in QTP??

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i want how to repair registry

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How can take AD backup in Windows 2003 server

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what is testdata

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What are the advantages of using sql server over ms access or why should one use sql instead of ms access

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What is the uses of invoices? how many types of invoices, and difference between invoice and voucher, invoice and bill?

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How to freely move a ball in graphics mode.


what is .NET framework architecture ??


What will be the output- for(i=1;i<=3;i++) { printf("%d",i); continue; i++; }

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In event management,for shipment Business process type if we are not able to get reported dates of pick end date,pick start date,loading start date,end date... and we can only see planned dates as in shipment document,where to check for configuration.please let me know...