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what are your weaknesses?

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what are your weaknesses?..

Answer / deepesh landge

if interviewer ask about your weaknesses then you may say:
1. I am not "very" social.
2. I can't sit idle.
3. Sometimes I become very workaholic to achieve my target.
Always give your weaknesses in such a way that those are
your negative points but it will be positive points for the
recruiters. One another point is don't give your weaknesses
more than your strengths.

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what are your weaknesses?..

Answer / jay mallick

For this question try to answer as if ur weaknesses are no
more going to affect ur my word stock in
english is very poor and i m working on that this
does nt put a bad impression on u...

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what are your weaknesses?..

Answer / manik sarkar

one's weakness should be his one kind of strengths in the
interview answers. so we can give answer on weakness like :

I believe I should always be improving upon myself, good or bad

Lose patience sometimes when I am not in a position to
complete the assigned job in time.

I am too focused on my work and I need to find more time to

Manik Sarkar

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what are your weaknesses?..

Answer / vivek kumar gangwar

hi i am vivek gangwar
ur weakness should be related to ur strenght
like i am very amicable and easly beleive on others and sometimes they misutilize then i got nervous but i have improved meself lot to understand the people

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what are your weaknesses?..

Answer / viveksagar

my weakness is i will believe all the people .
some times it is good habit but sometimes it is weak ness
for meany way thanks for giving this chance

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what are your weaknesses?..

Answer / bhavya saini

@shakeel khan and vishal vir arya
seems like you have seen a lot of ups and down...ppl who face a lot of troubles achieving what they have become now usually face such issues...i hope the two of u will recover from ur impatience and start living beautiful life without weaknesses  

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what are your weaknesses?..

Answer / chirag rohit

1.My weakness is i can quickly trust anybody.
2. sometime,i end up spending too much time to get everything perfect.

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what are your weaknesses?..

Answer / neelima

I accept and learn from Criticism.

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what are your weaknesses?..

Answer / shakeel khan


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what are your weaknesses?..

Answer / vishal vir arya

the weakness is in myself that i get upset n impatience
sometimes due to my personal problems. but i try to overcome
them by in touch with who r mature emotional.

i believe i cooperative scenario...if i dont get full
cooperation frm my colleague i start feeling discouraged a
bit..i know it is detrimental for the i m trying
to improve all it..

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