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More Aeronautical Engineering Interview Questions

how the shockwave produced in aerofoil,and actually what happen that region? i want deep explaination

2 Answers  

Which is the high thrust producing jet engine?

2 Answers  

Is IC engines available (Other than GT's)in aircrafts

4 Answers  

What type of bearing used in bell helicopters?

2 Answers  

Can we put engines on the end of a wing? if not, then why?

6 Answers  

how to electric power generate in Aeroplane! pls send more information and that animation video's link address. send my mail id (k.k.sabariraj@gmail.com). i waiting for u r rly's...

4 Answers   HAL, Shashi,

a man is deaf,dumb,blind and an illiterate.a girl loves him very much.she wants to xpress her love to him.how she will xpress her love?

7 Answers  

now i am studing 3rd year diploma in iete in delhi. next i want to study aeronautical engg, can u pls tell is there is any entrance exams into collages

1 Answers   HAL,

what do you know about our company?

1 Answers   Bhel, Pricol, L&T, Technet Engineering, NINL,

why MIG copters crash frequently?

1 Answers   Bell, Quest,

why airline prefer beautiful girls for hostesses?

8 Answers   Jet Airways, Kingfisher, Indian Airlines,

why do you want this job?

5 Answers   Technet Engineering, Mount Sinai,

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