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Questions during interview.

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Questions during interview...

Answer / ahmed pak

generally these questioned asked and observed during
interviews that apart from technical knowledge:
1.organization knowldge where you applied have you know
some thing about
2.your superviser style and your superviseing style
3.apart from job area of interset e.g game,tv,movies
4.why you wnat to leave the organization
5.your strengths and weakness
6.any outstading achivemnet in your wokring that you feel
proud on it and your role under that achivment
7.any suggestion /recomdnation that you given and due to
which the managment decided to follow and thay sucseed
8.when you feel discouge
9.explain in your words staff development you belive on team work you will resolve a conflict in case a two staff
member have and its also effect the work
12.what kind of incourgement step do you feel essential for
improvment and boosting of staff moral
13.saalry expection
14.avaialbitlty in case selected
15.refences check ok/or not

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Questions during interview...

Answer / prativa mondal

yes,i beleive in team work.Bec.with the help of team work,we
can do any work easily and in a short time.

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Questions during interview...

Answer / shanta chatterjee

my strength is positive attitude and positive mind for this
i can go for the real success.

my weakness is my honesty.bec.i beleive every person in a

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