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what happenes if two voltage source connected in parallel
will be connected to load.

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what happenes if two voltage source connected in parallel will be connected to load...

Answer / z_hosen

Good question..
If u want to connect two voltage sources at first u have to
follow some rules like
1. Phase sequence should be same
2. Frequency should be same and
3. Voltage should be same

if any two or more voltage sources which don't follow the
above conditions then current will be Inter circulated
between sources and if the voltage range is more then the
system will be damaged..
thanking u..

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what happenes if two voltage source connected in parallel will be connected to load...

Answer / gunasekaran

1.phase sequence should be same
2.frequency should be same
3.voltage should be same
4.vector group should be same
5.percentage impedance should not more than 1:3
if voltage diff is there circulating current between two
voltage level so under normal condition itself tr getting
more core loss

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what happenes if two voltage source connected in parallel will be connected to load...

Answer / ravivarma

voltage across the parallel circuits must be equal so its not possible to connect two sources in parallel to a load.

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