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What is the difference between KV,KVAR,KVA,KW?

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What is the difference between KV,KVAR,KVA,KW?..

Answer / ashish patil

kv- kilo volt= e.g 132kv ,220kv,400kv.
kw- active power=V.I cos@,kva -apperent power=v.I,kvar-
reactive power=V.I sin@,
power factor=kw/kva

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What is the difference between KV,KVAR,KVA,KW?..

Answer / tarun aggarwal ymca

First take out odd kV= its the Potential difernce (Volt) in Kilo volts
KVA (Apparent power)=vector sum ( kW{active power}+kVAR{Reactive power))

now to tell u in breif in analogous way abot this KVA ,KVAR,KW

suppose we have to take one ball from A to B then

if the path is flat Road the power used is called active power

now if the path is upside of incline road the to take the ball we do extra effort
1) active power work to take ball from A to B
2) reactive power work to take in incline up side (extra work )

but total power used in this case will be greater and work done is same taking ball from A to B, this power is called as apparent power
active and reactive power

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What is the difference between KV,KVAR,KVA,KW?..

Answer / enam

KVA = KV x Amps

For 3-phase systems:
KVA = KV x Amps *sqrt(3).

KV is the voltage as you probably know.
KVA is the "apparent power".
In my mind it's apparent because that's what you would
calculate if you only knew the volts and the amps
and not the power factor.
KVA is a little bigger
than the real power (kw). It's the square root of sum of squares of real and reactive powers.

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What is the difference between KV,KVAR,KVA,KW?..

Answer / divyani

KVA IS the total power what we get i.e apparent power
kw is the power what we pay for real power
kvar is the power that remains after using it. i.e reactive power

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What is the difference between KV,KVAR,KVA,KW?..

Answer / amar nath sharma

kvar is reactive power while kva is active power
kvar= v*i sin(theta)
kva= v*i cos(theta)
total power= kva + kvar

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What is the difference between KV,KVAR,KVA,KW?..

Answer / chungli mangli


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