explain the working of Coriolis Flowmeter.

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explain the working of Coriolis Flowmeter...

Answer / manash ranjan jena

When a mass flows through a vibrating pipe, Coriolis forces
are generated which bend and twist the pipe. These very
small pipe deformations are measured by optimally mounted
sensors and electronically evaluated. Because the measured
phase shift of the sensor signals is proportional to the
mass flowrate, the Coriolis Mass Flowmeter measures the
mass flowrate in the flowmeter directly.

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explain the working of Coriolis Flowmeter...

Answer / hussain

coriolis or mass flowmeter works on the coriolis principle, mass flowmeter has a bent tube inside it whenever the liquid flows through the tube ,the tube begans to vibrate ,and there are sensor inside the flowmeter which senses the amount of vibration and convert it inti milli amps

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