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Turbidity analyzer working principle ?

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how many types of thermocouple cable are? give the name of each type.

1 Answers   Fabco,

what is o2 analyzer and how it measured ,what is the role of this analyzer in cfbc boiler...

0 Answers   Mittal Steel,

What are the cable come out from the paddle type flow sensor.and how is further connections

1 Answers  

How to do manual mapping in radar type level transmitter?

2 Answers  

what is the resource block mode in foundation field but ? what is advantages for this

1 Answers  

Explain Gas Turbine startup and shutdown sequences

0 Answers  


10 Answers   Bhel,

hw to calibration a control valve?

3 Answers  

if we open the inlet of an air regulator ,how it will affect the out put of regulator? (out put of regulator is using to operate an on-off is an air to open valve,and valve is in open doubt is air regulator will hold the valve in open or not,if there is no consumption or leak in regulator out put side ,we only loose the input pressure.)

4 Answers   Asian Paints,

relation between flow and differential pressure.

7 Answers   ABB,

What is the difference between Analytical instruments and other instruments?

7 Answers   Schenck,

Steve said that "An eddy-current probe works by passing an alternating current through a coil of wire and measuring the coil’s impedance" while we are using -24 Volt DC , So I am confused about DC and AC. Plz .

2 Answers   Jindal, Sadara Chemicals,

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