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in which scenario we go for views in cognos or oracle?

in which scenario we go for views in cognos or oracle?..

Answer / vanthian

As far as I Know

Oracle views are nothing but the virtual copy of the table.

the only differnce is we can't alter the table structure
(i.e) we cant perform the insert,edit delete operations for
the table..once we are using the oracle views in cognos

whenever a new dataitem is added to the existing table
then the view will be updated using the Create or Replace
option and the view will be deployed once again so that the
new dataitem will be added to the view

Consider a scenario,in which the Datamodelling team will
design or create the tables and they deploy the views for
the tables

The Cognos team will then use the views as the Source for
their tables and they create Packages using the views

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