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There are 2 types of strategies are there?
1. Built-in Strategy
2. External Strategy
can you please explain them in complete that what are these?

Thanks in Advance

There are 2 types of strategies are there? 1. Built-in Strategy 2. External Strategy can you plea..

Answer / anuja

Built-in Strategies: Designer provides a number of default
strategies which we can use. These are strategies for
extracting joins, detecting cardinalities, and creating
default classes and objects. Options for indicating default
strategies are located in the Database tab of the Options
dialog box.

External Strategies: We can also create our own strategies.
Such strategies are referred to as external strategies.
With an external strategy, we can specify the exact way
that objects and joins are to be extracted from the
database structure. The strategy we use, for example, can
be a script generated from a CASE Access tool. An external
strategy is specific to one RDBMS.

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