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thought works

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thought works..

Answer / riya

total 13 quesn-2 types array of numbers given in box.each box has got a no:
below that a flow chart is the flow charrt and understand the
operations performed in the array of nos...such as add box no:2 contents
to box no:3 contents and place it in box many such
steps...finally determine no: in a given box no:

2.if-condition expressions..yes & no condition will be
given..from that determin the condition and execute the correct 'if

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thought works..

Answer / thoughworker

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thought works..

Answer / swapnil k. chaudhari

It usually consists of an array containing some numbers, and
a program which operates on these sequence of no.s. The
program will modify the contains of array. Finally we have
to predict the output after executing several pseudo code
instructions in the program. It is highly confusing, if we
try to solve by remembering the values. Instead take a paper
and pencil and write down the whole new array on the paper.
They ask 10 questions, and those able to answer 9 or 10
questions correctly are shortlisted.

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thought works..

Answer / nirmala

Question based DSP?
General question?
General knowledge?

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thought works..

Answer / arpit singhal

this is a it company.

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