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Mastek Interview Questions
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How to invoke a Servlet?

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How to know howmuch data is truncated?


what is the difference between and "stdio.h"

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how u can do parameterization in winrunner? tell me the sample code.

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What is the difference between Qualtiy center and Test Director?

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What features of sqlserver is generally used in database testing

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How to Create temporary canvas?


Patni Java Based Interview for EXperienced People

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A Successful Mastek Interview 5 Apr 2007 Bhuwaneswar

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Test Documents Reporting answers

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what is agile testing, explain with example

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What is the difference between SQL table and the PLSQL table?

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How to register a form and stored procedure in oracle apps

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What are the 3 Basic Rules in Accounting.

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how to make a jsp page threadsafe?

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Un-Answered Questions

what is diff. between earthing grid,earthing mess, earting grid?


How to test the login page in different ways in automation testing and i need code?


assume the program must insert 4 elements from the key board and then do the following programs.sequential search(search one of the elements),using insertion sort(sort the element) and using selection sort(sort the element).


what is the significance of tan&delta and how it performed in power transformer


non cash or bank income or expense




which Electrical items is Exciseible


cement mortor 1:5 for 30 m2 12 mm tk plastering so how to calcualte its rate


i am working with NBFC- MNC in personal loan dept. I applied for Internal Job Position in banking Division. My overall (10 years) experience in sales and People Management and in Internal Job Posting they require person for backend activity. There will be not repotees and its individual performance job. My Question is 1. If they will ask why you want to change your field form sales to backend job what should I answer? 2. The opening is in Chennai and since 10 year I am in Gujarat so if they ask why you want to change your home town location? Arpan Thakkar


what is the difference between droop mode and ischnorous mode in thermal powerplant?


what is a tetrode transisitor ? show the structure of such a device and indicate the polarity of the biasing voltage applied to each element?


what are the benefits of insurance as compared to banking


What exepients are used in dry powder injections?


pre arcing time of ehv breaker


What are the versions in objects?


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