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What is the difference between reciprocating & rotary
motors in AC units, which is the best one in terms of

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What is the difference between reciprocating & rotary motors in AC units, which is the best on..

Answer / mohamed ali


Reciprocating Compressor
The reciprocating compressors are one of the most widely
used types of the refrigerating compressors. They have
piston and cylinder arrangement like the automotive engine.
The reciprocating motion of the piston due to external
power compresses the refrigerant inside the cylinder. There
are three types of reciprocating compressors: hermetically
sealed, semi-hermetically sealed and open type. The open of
reciprocating compressors can be of single cylinder type or
multi-cylinder type.

Rotary Compressor:
The rotary compressors have two rotating elements, like
gears, between which the refrigerant is compressed. These
compressors can pump the refrigerant to lower or moderate
condensing pressures. Since they can handle small volume of
the gas and produce lesser pressure, they are used in fewer

Best Performence his : Rotary Compressor>

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What is the difference between reciprocating & rotary motors in AC units, which is the best on..

Answer / abebe

the deference between ac current to dc,ac means alternate
current ,dc means direct curent

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