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The power supplied to a 33microF capacitor from a 120V, 60Hz
source will be

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what are the 4 rules to start the motor?

0 Answers   JK Associates,

What is Transformer?

23 Answers   HSL,

what happens if commutator is removed in an dc machine?

3 Answers  

how to find out this one mcb r mccb?

4 Answers   L&T,

what will happen if capacitor bank is used in generation side?

2 Answers  

It is a three inch fan and i want it to rotate to other direction .I've tried cutting the wire and reconnecting them inverse like black to white and white to black ,but it won't start rotating when i plug it in that way.And then it works again when i rejoin the wire to the way it is. I don't know what causing the problem.Is there anyone familiar with these small mortor?Any suggestion would be appreciated.Thanks!!

2 Answers  

What is Lockout Relay and what is use of it in electrical installation

1 Answers  

Hi.. I am a BE GRaduate in E&E. I have 8.5 Experience in Tendering & Estimation field. I have done SAP SD course few years back. But due to some reason i failed to get job in that field and continued my own field. Now I am thinking of changing into SAP seriously. How should i go ahead???

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What is spill current in protection relays?

1 Answers  

Car battery + terminal allways biger than - terminal! Why?

2 Answers  

my UPS is 600VA with 0.6 p.f and i use it for my computer which has 450W power supply unit, a monitor of 633nW and speakers. Can any one explain this.. because the output of UPS should be 360W (<450W)

2 Answers  

can we increase our frequency rate in INDIA?

4 Answers  

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