Why Should We Hire You?

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Why Should We Hire You?..

Answer / manish

I feel that i am quite eligible for this position as per my
previous work exp. shows.But i would like to mention a very
important thing i.e.,My present company co. is good, its
products are good and due to its USPs these are sellable.I
prepared a good sales pitch and i know that i can create a
good sales pitch over here too.Along with that i am
confident, honest & dedicated towards the work.

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Why Should We Hire You?..

Answer / matthew

I will not say that we are the perfect match for each other
because there is always a scope for improvement in
everything we do. I believe on my skills. i am a very
optimistic man and i always see the positive aspect of the
coin.our products may not be world class but still we can
tap the market.This the belief in myself is the thing which
will distinguish me from everyone.And again my expertise and
my product knowledge will always help me in doing great for
the company.

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Why Should We Hire You?..

Answer / ankush

i am energetic, passionate to complete the work and use my
full power to achieve my goals

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Why Should We Hire You?..

Answer / subhash

saying that i am the perfect match for the job would be an
exeggeration however the profile which is being offered to
me here for the post is in sync with my past experience and
it also matches with the ablities that i possess moreover
my optimistic attitude and willingness to give my best in
whatever i do, make me a good candidate to compete for this

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Why Should We Hire You?..

Answer / kumar rahul

among all the interview processess i m here 2 give u my
interview...i.e i have the skill,knowledge and spark.I
prepared a good sales pitch and i know that i can create a
good sales pitch over here.also i m confident,creative and
fully dedicated towards my job...

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Why Should We Hire You?..

Answer / t eswara rao


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Why Should We Hire You?..

Answer / subash konar

From my given work experiences and educational qualification
you should hire me. T0 be professional we all know that
everybody comes in business to earn profits you are here to
make choice of a candidate who can increase your company's
profit and I have that energy to take your company to that
point.Today my works seems to you bluff but in practicals I
damn good.

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Why Should We Hire You?..

Answer / manish

though my company is to good but my aim was to work with this
organigation so i am here

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Why Should We Hire You?..

Answer / anil jain

See my answer to these question is very simple. Bottom of
the pyramid is that you hire the candidate who can enhance
the EVA profit and maintain good workplace environment
and the one who is a team player. I assure you that I am
capable of giving my 100% to bring all these quality. My
desire to succeed wherever I work and there by grow in the
organization is my motto. My work ex. and Academic
qualification also support the type of job you are offering.

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Why Should We Hire You?..

Answer / mehul raja

I understand that there are other candidates also who are
good for this position but hiring me would give few added
advantages because i have good experience of the industry
and work.Also according to the Job requirement i fits the
best. However the kind of confidence and determination which
i posses is very dissimilar from others and it is need of
hour for this job.

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