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The doctor one who supports you on an avg of 1 lac rupees
every month for the past 2 years. Suddenly he realized that
he didn't get 10% offer for your products but other
companies are giving that.The rapport with the doctor is
good even though doctor has told that if you are not
providing 10% he will not support anymore. And your company
norms are against this and they not at all encourage this
also other services. Now the question is that company needs
that business and they are very sure about that here no one
assists at your level itself you have solve the problem.
Doctor doesn't bother about quality, efficacy even your
relationship ,science or in-clinic activities! Now tell the

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The doctor one who supports you on an avg of 1 lac rupees every month for the past 2 years. Suddenl..

Answer / apurv seth

First of all the rep has to judge the behavioural style of
tha doctor and see whether what he saying he means the same
if he is one of the average doctor of town he cant be such
a strong prescriber and if he is one of the top guns he
cant breach his patient trust by compromising he
prescription quality.So firt analyse than act if nothing
works leave him and fetch the sale from some other doctors.

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The doctor one who supports you on an avg of 1 lac rupees every month for the past 2 years. Suddenl..

Answer / manikandan ponraj

unable to find

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