draw the block diagram of pcm

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draw the block diagram of pcm..

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1. Ray writes a two digit number.  He sees that the number exceeds 4 times the sum of its digits by 3.  If the number is increased by 18, the result is the same as the number formed by reversing the digits.  Find the number.  a) 35 b) 42 c) 49 d) 57

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10. What are the different data rates in Abis for Traffic, TRX signaling and OMU

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What Role Does Electronics And Communications Engineer Play In Thermal Power Station?

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A multiplexer, with 3-bei data select inputs, is a A 4:1 multiplexer B 8:1 multiplexer C 16:1 multiplexer D 32:1 multiplexer

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why cant we transmit the low frequency signal for long distances??

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Addressing mode of SHLD 2050H.

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difference between ac and dc

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Hi all Pleas if any one could me help out in getting the objective question papers for EC subjects. the technical questions asked in companies

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If Any Person can apply the Bsnl TTA That You contact me. I will teach or coach you.because I have all BSNL Material including Qld question papers.

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how can i prepare for campus placement?

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how to begin the answer for "tell about yourself"? also what to answer?

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Can you help me to explain briefly the function of Op-Amp in circuit design.tq

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