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Assurgent Interview Questions
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what do you mean by .Net Framework

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which of the following statements is incorrect a.typedef struct new{ int n1; char n2; } DATA; b.typedef struct { int n3; char *n4; }ICE; c.typedef union { int n5; float n6; } UDT; d.#typedef union { int n7; float n8; } TUDAT;

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What was the difference between machine.config and web.config files

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what is meant by communication?

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modulation means

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draw the block diagram of pcm

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sampler means

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duplex system means

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define function

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what is a headerfile?and what will be a program without it explain nan example?

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what is communication

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quantizer means

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what is the difference b/w compiler and debugger?

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I need Assurgent model question paper

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How to decide and select the different earthing wire size for the different types of earthing


How to lock down a Terminal Server?


what is routh,s law in thermal engineering ?


what is share application money pending allotment?


What have you done to prepare yourself to be a supervisor?


In one room in your game, there's an elevator that AIs will need to use to escape from the player. In order to use the elevator, they have to walk over to a special button on the wall, press it to summon the elevator, then walk into the elevator and press another button to tell it to ascend. How would you design a system to make sure AIs can do all of these things in the proper order? If you have 3 AIs in the room, how would you design the system to make sure they can all escape in the elevator at the same time? What happens if one of them dies while they're trying to do this, and how do you make sure the other AIs don't get stuck waiting for that dead AI?


What new can you bring on board to our company?


sir, pls mail me the previous question papers of RRB Junior Engineer Gr-II Drawing


an anyone help me out to get hpcl officer's trainee paper's


Are you alright with reporting to your junior at work?


How do I read command-line arguments with Perl?


If Sender has sent the message on a queue.If the JMS Primary Server went down and secondary Server get the message which is lost. Where is the message now?


SAP-HR --- why do we need symbolic account why can we not do the same through Wage type (I said symbolic account is used as as interface between Wage type and G/L account for posting payment to finance but I was not able to answer why can the same not be done through Wage type)


Explain the factors in E. coli survivability ?


In which book we can learn in detail of closing stock valuation. And if any site is available kindly help.


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