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  • SUN interview questions (15)

SUN Interview Questions
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What is the difference between C++ & Java?

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How do you say you are having excellent team management skills?

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What is Device driver?

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Birds do not have (1) Nerves (2) Eyelids (3) Sweat glands (4) Solid bones

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draw the block diagram of pcm

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What techniques will be used to avoid deadlock??

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what is the difference between solaris 8&9,

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what is role of medical representative

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plz send me the syllabus of drug inspector exam in madhya pradesh

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Q) Which is the heaviest body of our solar system. a)Sun b)Uranus c)Jupiter d)Saturn

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Difference between c18

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What is discriminating media? How can u justify/select that which media (pH etc...)is suitable for your dissolution study of your compound?

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Why pH Range has been fixed as 0 to 14 ?

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why 6 tablets use for dissolution


what is dwell volume in HPLC?

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Un-Answered Questions

Greeting to all members, How to calculate spill current when we have different ratio CT and Class for REF(Low Imp) I have 500/1A 5P20 @line side n 400/1A CL.X @ Neutral.


Give an account on bacitracin resistant Strep agalactiae?


Into which account do we close the revaluation account balance during the winding up of a company?


The positive clipper can be easily converted into negative clipper by A Reversing diode and changing the polarity of reference voltage B Reversing diode only C Changing the polarity D None of these


what is the job description of us it recruiter?


One plate (women civil worker lifting Plate - Satti) sand measures how many cubic feet?


Dear friends I want to design busbar for1600 kva transformer(i.e2100 amps) what are all the factors to be considered before selectinga busbar what are all the standard sizes of busbars what is the formula for finding current of copper and aluminium busbar


Is there a diode made that works with AC 120 volt 20 amp? If so can it completely stop all current flow in 1 direction at all times?


What are the function of different capacitor, resistors, transister, diods, thyrister( like SCR)in any circuit?


What will be result if we connect LT votage to the terminal of HT motor?


what is nTier Architecture understanding what is Microsoft, ASP and SQL understanding what is Web Application and eCommerce application understanding what is Unit, System, Regression, FAT testing ? Test Automation and Test Script Authoring


Difine the process you would establish to monitor the effectiveness of an emergency evacuation system


how install base integrate with asset-management?


how we issue the road permit to seller for receiving the rearing material


what is the use of schema in biztalk and why we use schema?


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