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SUN Interview Questions
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What is the difference between C++ & Java?

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How do you say you are having excellent team management skills?

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What is Device driver?

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Birds do not have (1) Nerves (2) Eyelids (3) Sweat glands (4) Solid bones

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draw the block diagram of pcm

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What techniques will be used to avoid deadlock??

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what is the difference between solaris 8&9,

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what is role of medical representative

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plz send me the syllabus of drug inspector exam in madhya pradesh

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Q) Which is the heaviest body of our solar system. a)Sun b)Uranus c)Jupiter d)Saturn

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Difference between c18

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What is discriminating media? How can u justify/select that which media (pH etc...)is suitable for your dissolution study of your compound?

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Why pH Range has been fixed as 0 to 14 ?

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why 6 tablets use for dissolution

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what is dwell volume in HPLC?

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