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how to manage a sales team?

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how to manage a sales team?..

Answer / thakkar mohini r

Sir/ Madam,

As per me:

1.First give the work by their knowledge and qaulification
and their capability.
2.At the end of the workiong time strictly ask them to
submit their work.
3.Be Strict to snethch the work.
4.Be good, be smart, be polite towards your workers but
with strict nature also.
5.Give motivation to do work. e.g. give moreremunaration to
active workers, some gifts, promotion etc.


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how to manage a sales team?..

Answer / m.sukumar

1. Give each one separate task to work and follow it strictly.
2. Give freedom to do their work and help them if they face any hindrance.
3. Give more responsible job to least attentive guy, so that he will soon understand what is mean by sincerity.
4. Among all be a role model and motivate the team or individuals. Appreciate even for a small success so that they will tend to aim for bigger success.
5. Always be vigilant

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