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Kotak Interview Questions
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What P/E ratio?

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The term Fourth Estate refers to (a) Judiciary (b) Parliament (c) Press (d) Very backward state

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define marketing in your words except book definition

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what is tax?

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why people works on commission basis, where there is no fix income

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what is BSE? tell me the details about that?

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why you want to change from software to finance?

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TDS calculation

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which one is big between BSE and NSE?? companies listed in BSE can be listed in NSE also...???

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What is the meaning of Blue chip?

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what is call option

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what are the advantages and diadvantages of active reports over crystal reports ?

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hai viewers! i am deepa,pursuing my MBA finance. I want to become a portfolio manager. what is the way in which i can achieve my dreams.My college is not so highfi,so big companies dont come to recruit us in such high positions.but i want to be there.How do i?can u plz suggest.

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I would want to know detailed information on derivatives Could please help me


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Un-Answered Questions

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What do u want to change in this world?


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Hi.....wat r d major bugs we can find in banking domain???


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can some body guide me with the steps in preparing the MIS report.


what values & beliefs have guided you in your career path


why surge protectetor work explain with the help of circut diagram?


professional tax payment for april 2017 paid from ranbeers credit card what are the expesses booking entry in tally


What is the diference between residual solvents and organic volatile matter


if we have provision for bad debts and RDD then on which amount we have to calculate RDD original or deducted?


Kotak Interview Questions
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