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Kotak Interview Questions
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What P/E ratio?

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The term Fourth Estate refers to (a) Judiciary (b) Parliament (c) Press (d) Very backward state

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define marketing in your words except book definition

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what is tax?

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why people works on commission basis, where there is no fix income

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what is BSE? tell me the details about that?

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why you want to change from software to finance?

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TDS calculation

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tell about mumbai ?

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which one is big between BSE and NSE?? companies listed in BSE can be listed in NSE also...???

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What is the meaning of Blue chip?

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what is call option

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what are the advantages and diadvantages of active reports over crystal reports ?

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hai viewers! i am deepa,pursuing my MBA finance. I want to become a portfolio manager. what is the way in which i can achieve my dreams.My college is not so highfi,so big companies dont come to recruit us in such high positions.but i want to be there.How do i?can u plz suggest.

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