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We know that, in case if there is a faulty insulation,or
sc, the current is bypassed to earth through the earth wire
that has low resistance.Actually, what will happen to that
current that flows through gnd?In that case,if we come in
contact with that faulty appliance, wont that current flow
through us as we form a closed path by standing in gnd?Is
grounding a safety measure?

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We know that, in case if there is a faulty insulation,or sc, the current is bypassed to earth thro..

Answer / sewagudde

Reason you dont get a shock is that the earth loop path
provides a much lower resistance than the body and
electricity always chooses the path of least resistance.

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We know that, in case if there is a faulty insulation,or sc, the current is bypassed to earth thro..

Answer / debasis

Q. 1> Without a close loop ckt., no current flow.

It should be a close loop path.

Example: If earth fault occured in your home, then current
flowing through earth to transformer neutral(star) point as
the star point of a transformer is grounded.

Q. 2> If you touch the above faulty appliance, idealy,
there should be no effect. But practically, A small current
will flow through body because ur body resistance is in the
range of few kilo to mega ohm. But nothing to be serious.
Thats why we provide earthing.

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We know that, in case if there is a faulty insulation,or sc, the current is bypassed to earth thro..

Answer / madhu

Thanks to Mr.Debasis for his reply.

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