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ADC Interview Questions
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In order to make up a sales area which organizational elements will help?

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What is the relation between sales organization and company codes?

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In purchasing what is the central organizational element?

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Relation ship between sales organization and plants?

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Relation ship between sales organization, plants and company codes?

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Credit control area means? What is the relationship exists between credit control areas and company codes?

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What are the three main forms of enabling debugging in a shell script?

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Describe how a browser-based Form POST becomes a Server-Side event like Button1_OnClick

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What is meant by TROUBLESHOOTING?

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What is the deffrence between Siemens S7-300 & S7-400 PLC?

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Which Programming software are use for Allen bradley PLC's?

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How do you export an output to a excel sheet? Ex: I get my answer by using Msgbox"..." &R. How do I displayed the result of the Msgbox (such as R) to an excel sheet? Please let me know.Thanks

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Un-Answered Questions

hi i am avinash ,i am doing ma b-tech(cse) final year and i have been detained for 2years due to attendance and i will be finished ma b-tech in 6 years ,plz tell me weather i will be eligible for government jobs like bhel, drdo,or any other private companies


How Can We Differ Horizental & Vertical Balace Sheet? Explain.


Why reinforcement done in shorter span in two way slabs


Hi Experts could u please me some questions with answers like they will ask in interview for experiences peoples to test whether they are experiences or not? its urgent.


which kind of expenses or Income will come under direct expenses or Income ?


how control valve works? process line pressure is 50kg/cm2g and instrument air pressure is about 4 kg/cm2g.


Can any one suggest how to write the bug reports effectively by optimizing what we want to describe?


What is the concept of Virtual field?


r u done any partitions in ur project?


How to confirm the Phase shifting Transformer VECTOR GROUP relation , as below ZNy11.45d10.45-ZNYy0.15d11.15


For example for formation of a new company/offshore company you need to show paid up capital of 100K but you don't have 100K you as a director borrow loan of 100K from 3rd party and deposit in the bank as paid up capital and issued shares of 100K in director name. After one week you return back 3rd part loan. What are the entries in the books?


In se11 -->Tech. settings --> Data class. If I save table as Mater data OR Transaction data, what effect will it has for 'Storage' in Database after activation. or In Database how it will store in both the cases.


wat is the difference between A-gate & W-gate?where are they used?


Test cases have written according to Flow of the software working or according to Screens?


can any one exaplin about Decision Tables in test region with good example


ADC Interview Questions
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