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what is dimension table?

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what is dimension table?..

Answer / amit

dimension table contain the detail information abt facts
e.g customer name ,custmer address etc

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what is dimension table?..

Answer / sandhya

a dimension table is one which contain master data
all the data in the fact is related to the data in the

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what is dimension table?..

Answer / shivaleela

Dimensional Table:-It contains detailed information of one
Particular department

Eg:-Customer dimension it contains all the information
about the customer like name,place,DOB, city n so on along
with one primary key.

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what is dimension table?..

Answer / venkat

dimension tables contains described data

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what is dimension table?..

Answer / krishna

a dimension table contains the master data pertaining to a
subject area. this table is referenced by the fact table
when it is loaded.

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what is dimension table?..

Answer / sudheer kumar

A dimension table is table Which contains detailed
Information of Particular Unit, Dimension table contains
primary key which represents uniqueness of that table,
A foreign key of fact table References primary key of a
dimension table in many to one relationship.

Consider Time Dimension, it Contains detaild time
information like,

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what is dimension table?..

Answer / parthasarathi swain

A Dimension table is a table that contains detailed and
consistent data ie those data that are not frequently
changing in the other words we can say those as master data.
We use the primary key of the dimensional table as the
foreign key in the fact table. For one fact table we can
have more than one dimensional table.

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what is dimension table?..

Answer / maruthi


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what is dimension table?..

Answer / shyam shah

A dimension table is a table in a star or snowflake schema
that stores attributes that describe aspects of a dimension.
For example, a time table stores the various aspects of time
such as year, quarter, month, and day. A foreign key of a
fact table references the primary key in a dimension table
in a many-to-one relationship.

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what is dimension table?..

Answer / ignacy

dimension table is a structure

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