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what is strength? tell me about yourself

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what is strength? tell me about yourself..

Answer / sabin.k

strength means the area where we are fully confident.
worker,motivator,energetic,supportive,team player & leader

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what is strength? tell me about yourself..

Answer / mary varghese

Strength means you power and capability which helps you get
going and meet your goals and achieve the targets you have
Strength comes to test during adversity and you know about
your true capabilities then.
I can very proudly say i have during adversity been able to
polish my stengths - hard work, go getter attitute and
strong determination

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what is strength? tell me about yourself..

Answer / akhilesh kumar

Strength means the ablity and power of doing the task in a batter way.

My strengths are possitive , thinking , fast learning and a good self confidence.

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what is strength? tell me about yourself..

Answer / yogesh

stengths means which work you done simpily with fully
interest. and your mind fersh after to do this work. is
called stenghts. and my name is yogesh . i am student of bba
1st year in ansal institute of technology , gurgaon dlf sec-
55. i live in gurgaon . and my hobbies is in bike riding ,
lisning music, and online on facebook.
now i want to become good respectfull person in society.
because money earning way more and more . but respect not
purchase by money.

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what is strength? tell me about yourself..

Answer / yogesh patil ims

team work,iquisitiveness,extrovertism

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what is strength? tell me about yourself..

Answer / ravish roshan

i am a dreamer how have the ability and confidence to
achieve those dreams

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what is strength? tell me about yourself

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