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in BO module, you forgot all password even all user in
business object, designer, supervisor, gen.supervisor
everythicg, how to you recover your datas?

in BO module, you forgot all password even all user in business object, designer, supervisor, gen.s..

Answer / ravikumar sajja

You can change supervisor passoward first using below steps
and then change all the users passwords using supervisor.

Warning: Direct manipulation of the repository tables can
cause damage to your repository and will void your support
contract. Do so at your own risk.

If you don't have a second general supervisor, you could
try the following SQL run against the security domain
Where M_ACTOR_C_NAME = <username of general supervisor>;

This will set the password for the general supervisor to
null, and therefore the next time you login, you will not
need to enter a password. It is recommended that a password
is given asap via the supervisor module.

You will also have to set the status of the user login,
otherwise even with a null password BusObj will not let you
log in.

The status column is in OBJ_M_ACTOR and is called
M_ACTOR_N_STATUS. If you set this flag to 1 along with
setting the password to null then you should be okay. If
this still doesn't work, make sure you have commited the
database update

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