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placement paper for chemist ( production & quality control)

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placement paper for chemist ( production & quality control)..

Answer / ayesha fatima

1)Endothermic Reations :It is defined as the reaction which
undergoes inertly in the chemical chain is known as
endothermic reaction.Such as Nacl when inertly gets react
the byproduct is Na++ and Cl--.
Exothermic Reaction: It is defined as the reaction which
undergoes outside the chemical chain to perform the
breakdown of chemical bonds in presence of a catalyst is
known as exothermic reaction.For eg H20 when it gets
reducted on heating O2 gets separated living H2 as the bye

2)The four indicators in titrations are Hydrogen
electrode,glasselectrode,membrane/ion selective electrode.

3) glucose structure-C6H6O5, Fructose-C6H6O7,

4a) Polorimeter: It is a devce used to measure titrations
inthe electrodes in the polarographic studies.
b) Spectrophometer: It is the device used to measure the
interpretations of electromagnetic radiations from ground
state to excited state to record the radiations of the
photons, electons, visible radiations ,ultra violet
radiations, microwave radiations,radiowave radiations,x-
rays,gamma rays or cosmic rays.
5 a) Normal Solution : It is defined as the solution which
has solute dissoved in the solvent in the molecular ratio
of gram weight by gram molecular weight in 1000 grams water.
b)molal solutin : It is defined as the solute dissolved in
1000gm molecular weight of solvent.
c) Molarity : It is defined as the ration between weight by
gram moleclar weight in no. of gmwt of the molecule in 1000
gms of water.
d)reverse osmosis: It is defined as the ration of the
pressure applied from the higher altitude to the ground
surface performing water dialysis is known as reverse
6 a) Fermentation : It is defined as the seeds or a
molecule when been heated to show the presence of the
participated ions or gases is known as fermentation.
b)pH : It is the sorhensens devised scale for measuring
acidic and basic levels of the ions, atoms, molecules etc.
c) Conductivity: It states that the flow of current in a
given source to attain its potential to show the unit
charge of ions is known as the conductivity of ions on the

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placement paper for chemist ( production & quality control)..

Answer / sandy

Q. Define ENdothermic & Exothermic reactions.

Q. Write any four indicator which are use in titration.

Q. write the Structure of glucose, fructose & nitro benzene.

Q. define---
1. polrimeter.
2. spectrophotometer.

Q. define--
1. nolmar solution.
2. molal solution.
3. molarity.
4. reverse osmosis.

Q. define--
1. fermation
2. pH.
3. conductivity

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