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Persistent Placement Paper (Dec 2 2010)

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Persistent Placement Paper (Dec 2 2010)..

Answer / bharath kumar

Dear friends . . .

I have faced totally 5 rounds!

1. Round objective type exam of 60 bits, 60 minutes.
2. Programming round (Write a program on the paper) and also essay(no
need to prepare for essay).
3. Technical Interview Round-I(Face to face Interview).
4. Technical Interview Round-II (Face to face Interview).
5. And finally HR Interview.

1. Round - I:

-> Concentrate on DBMS queries, C, Data Structures, Software
Development Life Cycle and little bit of apittude!

-> I didn't remember all the 60 questions, but i will try my level
best. . .

1. Which key word in SQL restrict the user to some perticular
a. Password b. Constraint c. Username d. None of
the above

Answer: b (Constraint)

2. "int * p1,p2" will create . . .
a. Tow pointers b. Single Pointer c. Compiler error
D. None of the Above
Answer: b (Single Pointer that is p1)

3. Queue follows . . .
a. FIFO b. LIFO c. BST D. AVL Tree
Answer: a (First In First Out)

4. Disk read/write header is in 15th sector and the new sectors
are (25,35,68,90) it is follows the Shortest Seek time first algorithm
then what will the total seek time. (Read from a single sector is takes
Answer: Calculate your self i dont have that much of time (Once
refer the disk access concept from OS)

5. void fun (void)
FILE *fp;

fp = fopen ("test.txt","w");
fprintf (fp,"Hello");
fclose (fp);

fp = fopen ("test.txt", "w");
fprintf (fp,"World");
fclose (fp);
Then what will the size of "test.txt" file in bytes?
Answer: 5 bytes (Contents is : World)

6. The initial value of conting semephore is 10, after which
operations that value will be 7
Answer: afer 3 p-operations

7. Which modal is sufficient for GAME creation?
a. Water fall modal b. Iterative modal c.
Incremantal Modal d. Spiral Modal
Answer: a (water fall modal)

8. If page size increases then what will be the fragmentation?
a. Decreses b. Increases c. Remain Same
Answer: b (Increase)

9. How many ways we can put 10 rings to your 4 fingres.
Answer: 10 C 4 or C (10,4)

10. One odd man out question . . .

11. If a month of 31 days consist 4 sundays and 4 thuesdays then
what will be the starting day of that month?
Answer : Monday

12. In how many comparisions you can find out the deffictive one
(Higher weight than the remaining) in 8 balls with weight mechine?
Answer : 2 iterations


2. Round - II:

-> They asked to write a C program and Essay (General Topic).

-> Essay is having very less priority so no need to worry about it.

1. Eleminate comments in c:

#include <stdio.h>
void main (void)
FILE *ip, * op;
chat ch;
int flag = 1;

ip = fopen("Source.c","r");
op = fopen ("Output.txt","w");
if (ip == NULL)
printf ("Source.c file not found!");
while ((ch == fgetc(ip)) != EOP)
if (ch == '/' && fgetc(op) == '*')
flag = 0;
if (ch == '*' && fgetc(op) == '/')
flag = 1;
if (flag == 1)
fprintf (op,"%c",ch);

2. Convert non intended lines program to intended lines:

Non Intended line program:


Intended line program:


#include <stdio.h>
void main (void)
FILE *ip, * op;
chat ch;

ip = fopen("Source.c","r");
op = fopen ("Output.txt","w");
if (ip == NULL)
printf ("Source.c file not found!");
while ((ch == fgetc(ip)) != EOP)
fprintf (op,"%c",ch);

if (ch == '{')
fprintf (op,"\n\t");

fclose (fp);
fclose (op);

-> These two are the most prequently asked programs.

-> And you can expect other programs also so concentrate on "FILES"

3. Technical Round - I:

-> This is very important concentrate on body language also.

-> In this they asked completly on basics of Data Structures, DBMS,
operating System, and few questions on Apittude.

-> They may ask to explain "YOUR ACEDAMIC PROJECT".

-> They may ask to write programs and explain the logic.

4. Technical Round - II:

-> This is much crutial round.

-> They ask very complicated topic like "Complex Queries in DBMS,
Linked List programs, and Appitude also".

-> They conducted this round nearly one and half hour to me.

-> They may ask you to explain the program which you written in the
Second Round.

-> They may ask your Programming fassion.

5. HR round:

-> HR interview may take very less time (2 min) or long time (20 min)
that is dependent on your previous rounds performance.

-> If u answered all the question in the previous round correctly HR
will not ask much more quesitons,

-> In this round only you have to give your resume.

-> Deffinitely HR will ask atleast one question on your resume
(Prepare well to explain your Objective which you wrote in re your resume).

-> Most frequently asked question is "Why you got very less percentage
in B.Tech compare with Inter and 10th". Go to HR interview with your own

About Persistent:

-> Established in 1990
-> Having dealing with MICROSOFT, IBM, etc.
-> It is product based company.
-> Founder of Persistent : Anand Desh Pnade.
-> Persistent Head office is in Pune.
-> It is having multiple branches in Pune and also in Nagpur, Goa,
Bangalour, newly in Hydrabad also.

My Personal Opinion of Persistent:

-> It is very nice company for freshers.
-> You can get more knowledge.
-> You can easily get a job in some other companies, but it is
difficult to get job in Persistent.
-> The interview procedure is almost equal to the interview procedure
-> And in other side pay package is very high now (3 lakh per year).

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Persistent Placement Paper (Dec 2 2010)..

Answer / nani

Yes is very good company. . .

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