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  • McDonalds interview questions (7)

McDonalds Interview Questions
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What are your Greatest strengths and weaknesses?

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The Surya Siddhanta is written by (a) Varahamihira (b) Aryabhata (c) Visakhadatta (d) Vishnusarma

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What will you do after coming back to home?

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Does your company provide you with leads?


What is the difference between test case, test suite, test script, test scenario & test plan?

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4. What are the major problems faced by developing countries in promoting their exports? Suggest some solutions to these problems.

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What is Working Capital Management ?

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i'm searching on cognos..i want to know real time scenarios..persons having real time exp or undertaking trainings or who searching on cognos...can send me the details...for proper guidence..for project and interview preparation..pls help me mail-id is u will respond as soon as possible..thanks..


McDonalds Interview Questions
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