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Huawei Interview Questions
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How to change constant values?

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What is CDMA ?

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What is protocol testing. whether u have used any tool in telecom testing.

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The hierarchy of the execution of logical operators is (a) NOT AND OR (b) AND OR NOT (c) OR AND NOT (d) OR NOT AND

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What are your salary expectations?

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What is "strstream" ?

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What's the Difference Between Routers, Switches and Hubs?

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Describe VSWR?

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write a program to find out number of on bits in a number?

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what do you know about this company ?

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what is the difference between static block and static method

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In the first round, there are 30 aptitude and 30 java questions. We are suppose to finish both the papers within 60 minutes. I cleared this round. Next was test for programming skills. In this section, Some 7 n's were asked. 1. What is the difference b/w sleep(1000) and wait(1000) 2. what is the diff b/w static block and static function? 3. Write a program to validate IP address using string tokenizer. 4. Write a program to create singleton class 5. write a function to reverse the string 6. Write a prog to print prime nos upto n. EX: If n=9, It shld print 1,2,3,5,7 7. One program on collections- Write a program to print no. of times a number is repeating in an array. EX- {1,3,1,2,5,7,3,7,34,3,8,3} It should print: 1- 2 times 3- 4 times and so on 7. Write a func to print fibonocci series After this I had technical interview, which went on for. 60 mins or so. There were qn's about multi threading, Exception handling and collection classes. Knowledge about collections was very important for the post I was interviewed for.

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whats the size of class EXP on 32 bit processor? class EXP { char c1; char c2; int i1; int i2; char *ptr; static int mem; };

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write a program to swap Two numbers without using temp variable.

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