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Tell abtur self and family

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Tell abtur self and family..

Answer / deepak chandel

I am Deepak Chandel from Himachal Pradesh. I have completed my B.Tech from Institute of Engg. and Emerging Technologies, Solan ,Himachal Pradesh.My background to the date has been centered around preparing myself to become the best Technical Support Executive . My past experiences are in the field of software and hardware technologies that make me best for this career.
I am very straightforward person who likes to take things in his stride in a very level headed manner.Life is quite exciting to me as it has galore of opportunities and experiences to offer and i feel one should always make the right use of it. I am adventurous by nature for I like to take up new challenges. It gives me the zeal and impetus to work towards excellence.One thing I firmly believe in is that one should always strive towards individual betterment, in whichever form it may be.Therefore I'm never tired of beginning where others end.
My father is an account officer ,and my mother is housewife and ran a busy home.

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Tell abtur self and family..

Answer / sudesh kumari

Hi Everybody,My name is Sudesh,I have done MBA in HR from
Punjab Technical University through distance learning,I did
my Graduation from University of Delhi in BA stream.
Technically I have done one and Half year computer course
from a Govt. institute and during that period i learnt OS-
XP,MS-office,Web designing,Graphic designing,Internet

As far as my work experience is concerned,i am currently
working in a trading company for the last two years and have
been working there as an Admin Cum HR Executive.
over all i have 3 years working experience related to
The job responsibilites i have assigned over there are such
as :-

Role in HR Dept.:-
=>Headhunting,shortlisting perspective candidates for the
company interviews and schedule final interview with top
level management.
=>Records keeping of all selected candidates and handling
the final offer and joining formalities.

=>Mentoring junior colleagues in the team.

Role in Admin Dept.:-

maintaining records of important papers and reports,
overall responsibility of maintenance of office,
routine work,
inward and outward mails and net communication,
looking after dispatch of mails,courier,
Stationary ordering,issuing and keeping inventory

As far as my previous work experience is concerned,i worked
with a direct sales agency almost an year and had been
working there as an Admin Executive.

My job profile into that orgnisation was such as:-

Doing customer's verification for further action,
Monitoring phone calls,
closely working with other dept. for support and
services,attending meetings if required respectvely.

In my family ,i have only one younger brother and sister
bother are studying in college,
my Father is a Govt. employee and Mother is home maker.

i belong to jammu and brought up to metro 13 years back.
My hobbies are :-i fond of listening old
music,cooking,stiching respectively.

thats all

thank you

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Tell abtur self and family..

Answer / pooja sawale

Hi, I am Pooja Sawale, I study in 8th standard of Prestige
Public School,Indore.The total number of my family member
are 4.My fathrer is Exesise Officer,My mother is house-
wife,My brother study in B.E. 1st year.We all live very

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Tell abtur self and family..

Answer / prakruthi

Hi I'm prakruthi,i have done my B.COM i belong to Bangalore
i completed all my schooling's and colleges at Bangalore
coming to my family we are of 5 members my parents and i
have two sisters besides my self, ours is a orthodox family
coming to my nature I'm optimist my hobbies are making new
friends and traveling

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Tell abtur self and family..

Answer / debasree

hello i'm debasre roy, doing my bca from nsec under
father is nw working with sbi my mother is a house
hobby is listening music.i dont have any brother or sister.i
want to be a successfull s/w engineer and want to get a good
job in a good multinational company.and that is my dream.

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Tell abtur self and family..

Answer / manish mittal

My name is manish mittal i hav done my graduation from ddu
university my hobbies are surfing net there are four member
in my family my father, mother, sister and I

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Tell abtur self and family..

Answer / kamaldeep singh


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