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Tell me abt ur self

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Tell me abt ur self..

Answer / hari


the answer for this particular question shud be more
conserned with ur education,qualification and ur expertice
knowledge...areaa of interst...ur goal...etc...

i personaly feel the employer is not intersted to know
about ur personal details(family) rather he wants to know
ur inherent qualities and to make u speak up...

i guess it wud be of some help.....all the best to u all

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Tell me abt ur self..

Answer / kranthi

this is kranthi.i've completed my working
in system software solutions.i've two yrs exp in sap. iam
hardworking &self motivated personand also problem solving
nature.i like to improve my skills day by ambition
is to get a good name as a hobbies r
listening to music&browisng net .

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Tell me abt ur self..

Answer / padmas

I agree with the people who started answering the above
question with their family background.This is required
because the interviewer will figure out the level of the
interviewee's emotional,intelligent quotient which is very
much required for successful execution of the job, that one
is going to join.This gives the interviewer an image on,
what are the probable goals,objectives that interviewee may
have in their futuristic career path either educational or

If one started answering the question with education, i
would rather do not suggest to do so because,most of the
times it is already given in your details provided in the
application/resume/cv/. It would be better providing details on
what more
qualifications if one is going to acquire in near future of
their career line. People who are awaiting for the
results,or who are going to pursue or applied for more
educational qualifications may start answering on their
respective.Because, the time allotment that one can
prioritize during the daily job execution if the candidate
is selected. So I feel its more appropriate to tell about
the educational, family,future goals& objectives,time
allocation that one is giving to their personality
development (hobbies etc.,)so on and so forth can be told
to provide the best of one, to make the interviewer getting
the clear picture of the candidature of recruiting and
suitability of the job to interviewee.

In another way,
Prior to this question to interviewee,
if the succinct description about the company and about
Interviewer is provided,then one can give answer in such a way that
how he/she is best suited for the post applied for, and meets the
eligibility requirements to achieve the common goals of both
(company and interviewee)by working together and going forward.

After all one logical answer is,

All this was, when candidates were asked to walk-in on scheduled
date,time and to the interview location with holding a copy of
resume/cv, once upon a time.This was a face-to-face interview,
where every aspect of the candidate such as
behavioral,communication,or confidence level was considered for

In recent scenarios, when most of the interviews are taken up
using the telephonic rounds of interviews,

the answer may vary, by reflecting the answer according the
medium of interview. Taking to further, the fluency of the
communication etc. were considered for selection.

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Tell me abt ur self..

Answer / prema

Good evening all, My name is R.Prema. I did my schooling in
XXX and did my under graduation- BCom in XXX College in the
year 1999. After that i started my career as Counsellor
from XXX. I worked there for 2 yrs(mention yrs). Mean while
i joined MBA in XXX- evening college. After completion of
MBA i joined XXX Company as HR- Trainee and got promoted to
HR - Executive.

With regards to Family My Father is retired from XXXX
Company, My mother is House wife and my Younger Brother is
working as Programmer in XXX Company.

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Tell me abt ur self..

Answer / anilkumar

hi,this is anil kumar,completed MBA with specialization
hr&marketing from university of osmania and did graduation
in computers from same university.strenghs hard
working,self hobbies playing indoor
games,listening music,as wel browsing net,about my family
father is retired H.M in govt school at hyd,mom is a home
maker and i have one sister she got married.

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Tell me abt ur self..

Answer / anil kumar

i am Anil kumar

basically i came from kolar

my qualification i completed B Com computer application in
Sri Krishna Devaraya University at Ananthapur in Andhra

i don't have any work experience
i am fresher

come out my hobbies are playing chess watching cricket and
chatting with friends

about my family background
my father name is Surendrachary he is gold smith my mother
is house maker and i have one elder brother he is company

if any mistakes plz correct me because i don't have job

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Tell me abt ur self..

Answer / akhilesh kumar


I would Like to Introduce myself, my name is Akhilesh kumar,
i am basically from Etawah (UP).

I am a student of MBA(Agribusiness) IV sem, i have scored 63.7% marks in I sem and 68.3% in ii sem and now i am waiting for the result of the iii sem.i have 5th rank in my class.

I have been Graduated from CSA university of agriculture and technology Kanpur as BSC. agriculture with 81.3% marks.I got 3rd position in my graduation.

I belong to a family of 7 members. My father is a farmer,and my mother is a housewife. my elder brother is in army and my younger bro is a student of of my younger sisters is in B.A and other in Junior class.

I came out of my hobbies are Dancing, singing, yoga, Gardening
and chatting with friends.

The philosophy of mine is to being my own best friend. i always cosiderd weakness as a chalange and this challenge helps me to overcome my short tempered nature.

thank Q.

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Tell me abt ur self..

Answer / sakshi

my name is sakshi.After completing my graduation in
biotechnology from Bareilly college,Bareilly.I
joined "Perfetti Van melle India Pvt. Ltd. as a part of HR
team.I've been working there since august 2007'.Along with
that I am pursuing my PGDM in HR from Icfai University.

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Tell me abt ur self..

Answer / poonam

Hello,My name is XXXXX.(if married then say) I`ve got
married for (mention) year.(if not then say except that
line )I`ve done my graduation (BCA) from (
still studing then say)I`m pursuing post graduation(MCA)from
My hobbies are listing to music(soft),reading books related
to my stream(computer),net surfing.
My positive points:Whatever I want to achive in my life i
do my level best to achive that thing. I`m of flexible
nature means i can easily adjust myself according to
My future plan is to get job which i deserve.

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Tell me abt ur self..

Answer / kunta

Am Reddy, I have done my Bachelors from one of the finest
Indian University called Manipal Academy Of Higher Education.
I have a sister who got marry with business man. Father is a
farmer and mother is house is the money my
parents saved entire their life all the money was gone on my
education which are earned for their rest of life to live.
but they shade their dreams because they wanna see my life
with more brighter than their lives. so I need a job to
brighten my future.
you know what I feel confident I can fulfill your
requirements and I feel that I can do my best to grown up
company standard.

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