what is the relation between f and reynolds number?

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what is the relation between f and reynolds number?..

Answer / sanjeev soni

f = 64 / Re for laminar flow through pipe

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what is the relation between f and reynolds number?..

Answer / nader moustafa

The question is not fully clear Reynold number is define as
the R= VD/kinamatic viscosity . where V is the mean
velocity and D is the pipe inner diameter. Reynolds is used
for many purposes in fluid mechanics one of them is the
determination of friction factor. As mentioned in Answe
one. It is true that f=64/Re for laminar flow. Whereas for
turbulent flow coleebrook eqation should be used

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what is the relation between f and reynolds number?..

Answer / komal bhosale

f = function of Re & relative roughness

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what is the relation between f and reynolds number?..

Answer / raji

laminar flow
f=16/Nre (dimensionless form of hagen-poiseuille)
turbulent flow
colebrook eqution

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what is the relation between f and reynolds number?..

Answer / nagesh

fluid ink

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