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Nissan Interview Questions
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sir,I haveprobem in MAster record i m creating a customer after item category sold to part going to address i m putting company,system asking for the transportaion,zone and other things which is not posssible.I got stuck.Pls tell me what to do Thank u Anand

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What is the entry creteria and exit creteria for system testing

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i need sample aptitude test paper... and i have to know that how many round will be there?


placement recrutement process for renault nissan and want model aptitude paper

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why does cycle rim dont bend even in heavy loads???????

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Diploma Mechanical Engineer i had attened more over 100 interviews they are all asking the same question "TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF"

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What is crushing index ? How it is calculated? What is it's important?

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What is a function of Turbo charger in diesel engine

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what is cpk value?

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What is the origin of GDR?

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Draw the flow of F.O. diagram from service tank to Main Engine?


What High School Career completer should you select, for automobile engineering?


write a program that list all permutations of ABCDEF in which A appears before B?


In electrical what is earth(ground)connection, wht is the importance of it, why it is recomended to maitain below 3VAC between Neutral and earthspecially in PLC used machines?


2. What is the range of the engine efficiency for two stroke engine? Why you don’t see two stroke engine in car? What are problem with two stroke engine?

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