Yokogawa CENTUMVP R6.09 unable to download to Engineering Station with ExaOPC R3.75

The issue is when I try to download the common project section to the Engineering Station (STN) from the HIS in System View, it is unable to connect. The error displayed is:

WARNING: Could not connect to equalize destination. (7001)
Retrying. Number of retries = 0/1
ERROR: LdXopsLoadMain: connect error 10060
ERROR: Processing terminated due to connection error. (7002)
Equalization end with errors. STN0149
---- ERROR = 2 WARNING = 1 ----

>Updated the ExaOPC software on the STN from 3.60 to 3.75
>STN operating system is Windows Server 2008 R2
>HIS operating system is Windows Server 2016 Stanard

Solutions attempted include:
>Ensuring all IP addresses are correct and all networked devices can be pinged.
>The ability to ping a device using its host name from another device (<ping STN0149> from HIS)
>Ensure both devices firewalls are disabled.
>The antivirus installed on the STN is disabled.
>Ensuring both devices are within the same workgroup.
>Added both devices to each other's Host and LMHost files.
>Running IT Security tool after changing any administrative settings.

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