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At what temperature does water have maximum density?

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What are the greenhouse gases in earth's atmosphere?

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For a Vernier scale of representative fraction (RF) = 1 / 25, calculate the length of the scale for the reading up to 4 metres.

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How can I evaluate the thermal relief requirements for double block-in of 98% sulfuric acid?

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What does extreme points in VLE curve represents??

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Can any one send me the sample test papers of IOCL entry exam to be held on 6th july 2008. Also plz send the interview questions that cud probably be asked........i wud be highly obliged if u can send a few test paers and other stuff @

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Question 101 - (a) Let | A > = (Aa Ab Ac), | B > = (Ba Bb Bc), | C > = (Ca Cb Cc). Find | A > + | C > - | B > in term of Aa, Ab, Ac, Ba, Bb, Bc, Ca, Cb and Cc. (b) Let d | E > = d (Ea Eb Ec) = (d Ea d Eb d Ec). If | E > = (6 7 8), find the value of 10 | E >.

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Explain how can you determine the proper pipe thickness for a slurry line?

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why transmission lines using 220KV.

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Are there any general rules for flushing slurry lines?

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A concentric, counter-current heat exchanger is used to cool lubricating oil. Water is used as the coolant. The mass flow rate of oil into the heat exchanger is 0.1 kg / s = FO. For oil, the inlet temperature TIO = 100 degree Celsius and the outlet temperature TOO = 55 degree Celsius. For water, the inlet temperature TIW = 35 degree Celsius and the outlet temperature TOW = 42 degree Celsius. What is the mass flow rate of water in kg / s, FW needed to maintain these operating conditions? Constant for heat capacity of oil is CO = 2131 J /(kg K) and for water is CW = 4178 J /(kg K). Use the equation (FO)(CO)(TIO – TOO) = (FW)(CW)(TOW – TIW).

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CHEMICAL ENERGY BALANCE - EXAMPLE 11.2 : Calculate the cooling duty, H required to condense and cool acetone from 100 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius at atmospheric pressure. The heat of vaporization for acetone at its normal boiling point is 30.2 kJ / mol. The boiling point of acetone at atmospheric pressure is 56 degree Celsius. The flowrate of acetone through the condenser is 100 mol / s = N. Value of sensible heat needed to increase the temperature of acetone in liquid form from 25 to 56 degree Celsius is 4.06 kJ / mol. Value of sensible heat needed to increase the temperature of acetone in vapor form from 56 to 100 degree Celsius is 3.82 kJ / mol. Unit of H is kJ / s.

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QUANTUM CHEMISTRY AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 31.7 : (a) The correct statement about both the average value of position (<x>) and momentum (<p>) of a 1-dimensional harmonic oscillator wavefunction is <x> = <p> = 1 - x. Find the value of x. (b) The probabilities of finding a particle around points A, B and C in the wavefunction y = f(x) are P(A), P(B) and P(C) respectively. Coordinates are A (3,5), B (4,-10) and C (6,7). Arrange P(A), P(B) and P(C) in term of a < b < c, when | y-coordinate | signifies the probability.

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