1) what is ur short term and long term career plans
2) can u tell me any two reasons , why i should hire u ?
3) why r u looking for change ?
4) what is ur strengths and weakness ?

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1) what is ur short term and long term career plans 2) can u tell me any two reasons , why i should..

Answer / pbr123

1) Short term plans: achieving a successful career in your
long term plans: to be capable to work for betterment of
the society and country with my devloped skills.
2) reason 1: I have the required skills.
reason 2: I am dedicated and smartworking person.
this will lead your organisation to move ahead and help me
achive my short term goals.
3) for growth of knowledge, take up more challenges, my
enthusiasm to work in new areas.
4) strength: skill to execute the job, Innovative.
weakness: achieving perfection (which sometimes takes
time and energy)

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1) what is ur short term and long term career plans 2) can u tell me any two reasons , why i should..

Answer / satyanarayana m

1) For short term plan I choose to complete all the
certification in Java which is conducted by java.

For Long term plan is to achieve a good position(ceo,coo)
in a software company.

2) Now a days companies are seeking for a right candidate
who is having good in the skills(communication and
Languages). I have the ability to solve the problem within
short period and dynamically.

3) Continously doing at the same location is not good for
developing the skills. Environment changes then way of
thinking(as per project) changes.So that I would like to

4) Panculality is my strenght

Weakness: I have little bit shiver While conservations
with the seniors at the first time and I can overcome this
problem with 4 r 5 conservations.

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1) what is ur short term and long term career plans 2) can u tell me any two reasons , why i should..

Answer / phanibhushan kumar.pilla

1. I have no plans as to my career, i feel things do not
happen in accordance with our wishes. One should continue
to give his best through out his career and that
consistancy would take him to better career positions than
the one planned. This is my openion.

2. I have the proven skills which are matching to the
requirements of your industry with ample working experience.

3. So far I have worked in this environment or in this
scenario and now i feel as it is no more my cup of tea!

4. STRENGTHS: a> Adapting to the changing environemts of
the organisations and meeting its demands for my success.

B> Developing innovative thoughts.

C> Punctuality.

WEAKNESSES: There are no areas for controlling.

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