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What is force on a conductor in a magnetic field ?

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IN Electric train which type of motor is used,for what reason they uses?

3 Answers   L&T,

Why Power generation in India is at 50Hz while in America its 60Hz so is there any advantage/Disadvantage of this ??

38 Answers   Australia Visa, College School Exams Tests, Fiat, InfoPlus, L&T, NTPC, TCS,

what is the diffrence between dol and star delta strater? why star delta starter used instead of dol?

3 Answers  

Mention the value of earth resistance and factors on which it depends on.

1 Answers  

how to estimate the breaker capacity of breaker,please give the one example( 6.6 kv breaker,800a)?????

2 Answers   Divis Laboratories,

Do anybody has a design software or tools for the selection and design of electromechanical components???

1 Answers  

The power dissipated by a resistor of 10ohm when a current of 2A passes through it is:(a) 0.4W(b) 20W(c) 40W(d) 200W

2 Answers  

Why is tan-delta test and capacitor measurement done on alternator?

0 Answers   TD Power Systems,

formula for incomer breaker size calculation of powerfactor correction unit

3 Answers  

Whether amorphous core transformer is commercialized or not:Name of company making amorphous core transformer and what are different rating?

0 Answers   DAE,

The SFC of an engine is 0.25 kg/kW hr. when the fuel used has a calorific value of 36000 kJ/kg. the thermal efficiency of the engine is

0 Answers   Caterpillar,

what is the soft starter principle? how is connection diagram? what is the procedure for checking the connection?

0 Answers   Siemens,

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