What is the function of a neutral reactor.

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What is the Difference Between MCCB & ACB & VCB

58 Answers   L&T, TCL, TCS, Siemens, Divine, JLL, Jyoti Ltd, Absotherm, Delton, Kirloskar, RPP, Teekays, YSJ,

what is RFID? thire application;

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Why does capacitor block dc supply?

5 Answers   Bhel,

Current Capacity of 55sqmm & 80sqmm conductor

2 Answers  

What is the current carrying capacity of 0SWG,3SWG,10 & 12 SWG solid bare overhead copper conductors?

0 Answers   HAL,

please, Send me last technical test question paper in my email id..

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IF we have three 30KW motor, these motors are connected in DOL, star-delta and VFD respectively, what will be the fuse rating for the above three?

7 Answers   GSK, DOL, Ojus,

Dear All, I am new in construction company , my boss ask a question at time of interview , If we have 60MW generation and Single Power Transformer step-up we have. if CMR 50/60MVA , ONAN, ONAF respectively , is it sufficient or not ? for that much power to transfer,

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why capacitor bank is not used in generator power

7 Answers   Caterpillar,

When electric field is parallel to the plane of incidence, the electromagnetic wave is said to be a.Linearly polarized b.circularly polarized c. Elliptically polarized d. Hyperbolically polarized

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How to know vacuum in vacuum cylinder of breaker in working condition

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Why the meters sonnected to metering core of CT are not damagedon event of a fault??? Explain the phenomena??

1 Answers   Schneider,

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