What is the function of a neutral reactor.

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in single phase we get 220 volt and in three phase 4420 v why this second Ques= in case three phase star conection our neutrul becom disconect what happan 3 Q=== a three phase house load and have unbalce load on different pahse diffrent current eg phase a 7A b 8A c 5A and voltage is 440 than how calculate it total load in kw pl give formula thanks

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what is the series parallel connection of capacitors? and how can we use these application in three phase motors for controlling torque?

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Is Neutral earthing necessary for single phase system or Genset? if yes or no then why?

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what will be the min and max voltage flow from neutral to earth?

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Ratings of power transformer,Distribution transformer.

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Any one can explain if there is any harm from humming noise heard from air circuit breaker : we have 415 switch board having two incomers from transformers 3.3KV/415V , when bus coupler closed, and open one ACB incomer to work in one of the transformers, the current started hunting around 50 Amps, and heard humming noise from the air circuit breaker, although the load current was only 1200 amps while the ACB capacity is 2500 Amps, and the transformer 1600 KVA. The same didn't happen when taken the other transformer offline. Why this humming noise and current fluctuation? is there any implication or danger, bearing in mind that we just returned everything back to normal and stopped the maintenance of the transformer. Shall we go ahead and ignore this noise?

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What is the relationship between voltage,current & frequency?

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How to identify the whether its an isolator or Breaker in MDB

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what is compatible kva for 3300 watts and why

1 Answers   FoodBev,

In our homes we place the 5Amps fuse...now in our house only takes 5Amps for all normal conditions ha???

2 Answers   Areva, Bajaj, MSP,

difference bewteen reverse current and alternating current

0 Answers   ABB,

what is the location of lighting switch of battery room

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