WHat is the requirement of installing FAST ACTING EARTH SWITCH in GIS and how is that integrated with protection system. How and when does it operate?

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what is the differance between MC61C and MC61A relay of L &T make.

1 Answers   BARC,

If a earth leakage circuit breaker trips is it possible to tell which house circuit breaker (I have four) is the faulty circuit?

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Hi,My name is ranms i want to know the machine vibration related problems.post me if any body knows. 1) Possible causes of machine horizontal vibration high? 2) Possible causes of machine vertical vibration high? 3) Possible causes of machine axial vibration high?

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in 3 phase (4 wire) star connection - is current pass through neutral??

7 Answers  

if field winding of synchronous generator are shorted on each other will it start or burn or run for short time like induction motor

1 Answers  

What is the difference between a Junction Box and a Marshalling Box?

8 Answers  

What is online and offline ups? how does it works?

0 Answers   Call Centre,

how to check the earth resistance value& what is the minimum earth resistance for good earthing sysytem.

33 Answers   BSNL, KPTCL, Wipro, SIEA, Siemens, DMRC, Epoch, Brookfield, Power Control, Polycab,

what the is the distance between 110kv termination point and the ground. how to calculate

1 Answers  

Earth has zero potential then what would be the neutral potential ?

0 Answers   JLL,

What is ahu ? Working principal.

0 Answers   Sodexo,

why cannot we use a freuency more than 400hz is used in aircrafts?

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