What does the letter CTNM in negative phase sequence relay means?

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What is diode fuse ? How it is working?

1 Answers   Hyundai, LG,

Please let me know when replacing electromechanical Relays for protection of generators with sr489 multilin Relay, then there is no need to use 86 master trip relay Too. I am wondering this multilin relay has no contact to Stop breaker reclosing as 86 does

1 Answers   Neucel,

how we have to calculate the short circuit current for 33/11kv 2mva, 7.5% Z, Transformer primary side breaker and secondary side breaker short circuit current for both sides?.

5 Answers  

i am confused about generator. i have generator of 380 KVA that is 304 KW by that formula KW=KVA*0.8... then by this formula I=KW/V*1.732*0.8 the amperes are 528.673. so that is the load which i put on one phase of generator or this is total 3 phase load on Generator.......

3 Answers   Haliburton,


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why any surge protection is not provided to UHV ac transmission line (765kv) ?

1 Answers   Reliance, NK Power Systems,

What are the advantages of individual drives?

1 Answers   Suzlon, A1 Electricals,

We are getting supply at33kvand it stepdown to 11kv.So Our requirement is 11kv voltage.why we draw 33kv from the grid instead of 11kv?

2 Answers   Birla,

What will be the direction of rotation of a Alternator in case it goes in motoring action when connected with grid ?

6 Answers   DVC, NTPC,

what are the advantages and disadvantages of speed control of 3 phase induction motor by varying frequency explain with drawing

0 Answers   Genpect, ABB,

Distinguish between Earth & Neutral?

5 Answers   Essar,

Hi All, I am working as a Technical executive in a MNC company and we have 1500KVA & 1250KVA T/F in our site, can you help me that how many maintenance tests can be conducted and what are the procedures included for the tests can you share yours answers and also give any web address to get more information on this

5 Answers   Hyundai,

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