What does the letter CTNM in negative phase sequence relay means?

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why voltage coil in wattmeter called as pressure coil why the pressure term is used in wattmeter?

1 Answers   NPCIL,

1.What is wind span ,wight span and normal span, and what is the difference for 132kv transmission .

1 Answers   PKR,

first 3 men were there .again 3 came.total how much?

11 Answers   Wipro,

What is the difference between double compression

7 Answers   Bhel, PDO, Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Prefamac, Hyundai,

what should be 3phase motor capacity or rating to connect in star connection. what should be 3phase motor capacity or rating to connect in delta connection. what should be 3phase motor capacity or rating to connect in star delta connection

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1. what is exciting winding, rotor winding, startor winding. and how it works? in ac generator

3 Answers  

Explain Clearly Pahase and Neutral?

7 Answers  

How To Convert Apparent Into Real Power Without Knowing Reactive Power?

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why is the rating of transformer done in kva and not in kw.

21 Answers   Honeywell, Satyam,

in an ac series circuit there are 30 bulbs are connected in a serial set.what will happen if one bulb is fused and we removed the bulb and reconnect with the remaining bulbs? (29 bulbs). will the brightness of other bulbs increase or not?

3 Answers  

what is electricity

3 Answers   APGenco,

How to calculate the breaking capacity(like 15ka,20ka) of Circuit breaker (MCB,MCCB,ACB)

8 Answers   Terasaki, Neona, UEM, Northern Max Engineering, Sps Renewables, Career Excellent Sdn Bhd,

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