What does theoretical plates number mean?

What does theoretical plates number mean?..

Answer / s.dhivya

Column efficiency.

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In pharmaceuticals formulation OOS applicable in Raw Material(which is not manufacturing in the company. and purchase by approved vendor)).Why?

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why we do the calibration of limit of stry light in hplc & uv

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what is the principle of assay of sodium nitrite?

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What is difference between known and unknown impurities

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why the sucrose used in calibration of polarimeter

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what is the relation of normality & molarity ? give me formula?

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are there in uv lamb that is chractrestic for wavelenghth 205 nm ?????

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how peak can be sharp in hplc when it is come flat

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NMR is both qualitative and quantitative?EXPLAIN

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i set electrode to 7 buffer than i used it to check 4 buffer and 10 buffer if the results are not as expected than is it better to set the buffer again to 4 buffer or is there any other method available please let me know ...

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which one is better separation in high pressure liquide chromatogram orlowpressure chromato gram in hplc

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signifcance of detector lenearity in calibration f hplc

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