In Assy by potentio metry titration method how select MET U ,DET U, SET U,

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Explain in detail what are the procedure and calculations involved for accuracy (%Recovery)in method validation?

1 Answers   Vimta Labs,

What is the calibration of uv process and preparation

0 Answers   Aurobindo,

How to select Sample concentration in RS analysis?example.

1 Answers  

why should we calibrate pH meter with 4,9.2 and 7.4 buffers particularly?

5 Answers   Celon Labs,

full name of OOS & OOT ? Dercribe it with details ? why this is needed in pharma industry ?

10 Answers   Orchid,

give clarity of linearity and range in method validation

0 Answers  

plz tall me that any pharmacopeia and guideline is par meted to use 1.68,4.01,7.00,9.00,12.45 buffer for ph meter calibration

1 Answers   Torrent Pharma,

why results are variation in same samples analysis in gc and hplc ?

2 Answers  

Why we more noise in PDA detector compared to UV detector?

1 Answers   Aurobindo,

formula for %RSD.

4 Answers   Laurus,

What is the principle of hplc detectors like.. UV detector,flurosence detector, RID?

0 Answers   Cipla,

why ph is between 0 to 14

6 Answers   Reliance, Zydus Cadila, Apotex,

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