Whether 3 phase induction motorwith 100 hp capacity , Amp 160 for which sensitive earth fault relay , type CTUM 15 can be used?

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I am looking for LV CT test. To check the polarity of the CT only. Can you suggest any supplier. Different companies are offering CT/PT Tester which is expensive. Thanks

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what is the different between counterpoise earthing and pipe earthing?

1 Answers  

What is the difference between KV,KVAR,KVA,KW?

6 Answers   L&T, PowerHouse, YUI,

what is F.A.P in fire alarming system?

3 Answers  

How to identify Motor leads in their order coming out from winding without tag (U1, V1, W1 & U2, V2, W2)?

6 Answers   ABB,

On wat basis TSM & PSM are set? Example.TSM=30% n PSM=2.5A....Hw they are set and how we come to know that the particular relay should be set to this value only?

2 Answers  

in control scheme dc logic wiring commonly using negative loop,what is the reason?if we use positive looping what will happen?

0 Answers   DNJ Energy LLC, WI,

why we setting 95 deg and 105 deg in wti and oti of distibution transformer ? give the reson for that ?

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How current is reduced in STAR connection?

6 Answers  

Explain Buccholz relay in detail.

5 Answers  

what is mean by dual digital protection in the relay field?

0 Answers   ABB,

how to calculate current when LT supply 415v fed to HT Motor 6.6kv and 1120kw.

2 Answers  

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