Whether 3 phase induction motorwith 100 hp capacity , Amp 160 for which sensitive earth fault relay , type CTUM 15 can be used?

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what is the k var ratting of 1250kva

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the inertia constants of two machines are respectively 30and 42 MJ per MVA.when the change in frequency due to change in load in first machine is 12 Hz,the change in second machine frequency will be?

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If we have to find the inductance of a dc shunt motor then by giving dc supply or ac supply and what is the reason for it. (this example is from "to determine the transfer function of a dc shunt motor ")

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If the load of transformer is getting more than its rating,,,than how to overcome this problem? Suppose thee rating of transformer is 315kva and the load is going beyond than the rating say around load: 352kva... Than how can we solve this problem without deducting the load.

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Which capacitor is used in ceiling fans ?

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what is meant by damper winding ?

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How silicon gel sucks moisture in the transformer, its have any small exaust fan behind silicon gel.

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In 110V DC supply,if a closed circuit gets open, How can we identify the voltage which is measured after the resistor(4KOhm) which is open with negative.it shows 55V +ve when measured, also the actual positive source is 55V +ve .Because there is no voltage drop in open circuit. How can we identify whether this is the voltage which is series with the resistor or the DC source direct +ve.

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why the transformer was not rotating like a motor?

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We have 2 Nos. Transformer with the capacity of 2000KVA and 1250 KVA and currently using only one 2000KVA T/R during operational hours while non- operational hous 1250 KVA T/R also used to reduce T & D losses. Similarly, 2 capacitor bank of 500KVAR and 300 KVAR also installed to balance reactive power. Now problem is around 1000 KW load PF is not maintaning 0.99 as 350 KVAR capacitor is in healty condtion. Now the PF is maintain 0.95 to 0.96.

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Discuss the effect of sudden loading of an induction motor

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