How much is the maximum distance between the impeller wear ring & casing wear ring pump?

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What is the difference. between shearing and tearing

3 Answers   Reddy Labs,

If a cantilever beam is loaded with point load at its free end and when the load increases at which section it will break first?

5 Answers   TATA, Government,

what is the exact requirement of priming?

13 Answers   IGCAR,

Why green curtons are used in hospital?

2 Answers  

Hello sir! I hav read the above discussions about PSU.I hav 72% aggregate in Mechanical bt i do had a back in 1 subject,so m i too eligible for PSU?

0 Answers   Knoah,

Device use to control flow rate of centrifugal pump.

2 Answers   RRB,

what is exactly peripheral velocity in case of two meshing gears?

2 Answers   Intel,

what is BHP?

7 Answers   Jindal,

sir i appeared to bosch written test recently and i cleared it successfully.can u suggest me how the interview will be done ?is it technical or HR or both?how shall i prepare for it?i am very eager to work with and in fact it is my dream job suggest me how to grab the job.if you know tell what type books are prefer for preparation of intrview?

0 Answers  

The stage below saturation is called?

5 Answers   TCE,

can any body send me previous year model papers of BEL and BHEL PLZ mail to

0 Answers  

How to know the bearing number if we know the shaft diameter and RPM?

1 Answers   TCH,

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