Why we make earth connection with Transformer Body and What will be the minimum size of copper wire as per code with respect to KVA rating of Transformer?

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how we calculate capacitor bank mvar for 11 kv distribution networ , and i need releation between capacitor bank with voltage, frequency, current, pf

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i have flexible wire. size of conductors is 0.190 mm & no.of conductors are 48. then size of wire comes 1.37 sqmm instead of 1.5 sqmm . the what is tolerance for this size.

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What is majour reason of Electrical Arcing ?

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Multi-step core is used in transformer to: A) Increase the output B) Decrease the cost of core material C) Decrease the cost of copper D) Increase the efficiency

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how to decide the rating of the ct for 1500 kva transformer

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How can calculate rotor temperature of the alternator? and is there any method to calculate that

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which electrical supply used for long distance traction 1.1-ph 22kv a.c 50hz 2.2-ph 22kv a.c 50 hz 3.dc vtg 4.1-ph 22kv 150 jhz

3 Answers   Power Grid,

Can clean earth cable be considered as low current cable

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what is the electricity

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any one have papers of hpcl or sailof ELECTRICAL ENGG.

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I am having a DG set.The 415 V from Generator is step up to 460 v and then the same is used for Induction furnace. before Step up, I am connecting LT load to my factory use. When Induction furnace is in service from DG, when i try to start a motor, the generator is tripped.Please tell me the reason.

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What will be the diameter of pipe between conservation tank and transformer

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