why generaters need four earthings

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why generaters need four earthings..

Answer / sreenu

It is required to bring earh resistance to min. value
around 1-2 ohms for good earthing and the no.of earthings
to be done varies as per site conditions.

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why generaters need four earthings..

Answer / sanjay vishwakarma


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why generaters need four earthings..

Answer / dubai

I must add one point into this conversation as my friends
Two earthings are for body & the same for body.

These earthings are connected in parallel & we lnow that in
parallel connection the effective /resultant resistance
decreases thereby giving a predominant earthing earthing

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why generaters need four earthings..

Answer / vikas

Moreover, if one fails other will act as a stanby earthing
till the other is rectified.

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why generaters need four earthings..

Answer / ravikumar ts (knightfrank)

its realy requires four earthing because, two are
platesystem earthing for neutral & two are pipe earthig for

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